Drew Barrymore

Drew Blythe Barrymore is an American actress, director, producer, businesswoman, and talk show host. She has two children ages 7 and 9. Drew was born on February 22, 1975 (age 46) in all Drew has been in 50+ movies and tv shows, she also has her own tv show called the Drew Barrymore Show.  She is a member of the Barrymore family which is a family of actors and the granddaughter of John Barrymore who is an American actor.

Barrymore achieved fame as a child actress with her role in E.T the Extra Terrestrial. Then later on in life she was in other popular movies like Wayne’s world 2, scream, Freddy got fingered and much more. She has her own show, and she even made a couple books called Rebel Homemaker: Food, Family, Life, Wildflower, Find It in Everything, and Little Girl Lost. 

Barrymore grew up in west Hollywood until the age of seven, then she moved to Sherman oaks. She then moved back to west Hollywood upon becoming the fact or process of being set free from legal, social, or political restrictions; liberation (Emancipation) at age 14. She went to elementary school at Fountain Day School in West Hollywood and Country School. Her nightlife and continually partying became a popular subject with the media. she was is rehab at the age of 13, and spent eighteen months in an institution for the mentally ill. A suicide attempt at 14 put her back in rehab. At the age of fifteen she got her own apartment.

In conclusion, Drew Barrymore has been in over 50+ movies and tv shows. She was in many popular movies, and she is part of the Barrymore family which is a family of actors. She has two children ages 7 and 9, and has 3 ex husbands.

here is a link to more about Drew

cross country skiing

One of my favourite sports are cross country skiing. I now have been practicing for 5 years, this will be my sixth year. as you now know I have been doing this sport for a while now, but the thing is I don’t have a pair of my own, I just rent a pair for the winter each year, well we cant do that this year because of COVID. so this year I want to buy my own pair and I did  ask for it for Christmas but I didn’t get a pair.

what you should wear

you should wear something not too warm because you will be moving around a lot. you should wear layers, like a long sleeved top, a light sweater, and a wind breaker and/or puffer jacket. you should have something on your legs like ski pants or an extra pair of pants. a thick pair of socks, because your feet will get cold if you don’t. and a hat, mitts or gloves.

the basics of skiing

keep your shoulders in front of your hips. you also want your weight above your feet. your arms should be off to the side and just in front of you the poles should be pointed back behind your feet. you should always watch where you are going (keep your head up) not down at your feet.

like this


there are so many different types of skiing but only two types of cross country skiing there’s original skiing and skate skiing. I would recommend original skiing first because skate skiing is a little hard, at least for me.

here is a link about cross country

here is a link for cross country beginners

Christmas list

Hey, for this weeks blog I will be doing it on my Christmas list:) I have a pretty big list and I know I wont get everything I want, but I will list a couple on here. some of them are a kitten, a weighted blanket, Blundstones, cross country skis, and gift cards.

This one on my list I didn’t expect to get but I got as an early present lol and that is a kitten! I got her on the 5th of December, and I decided to name her Misty because she is this vary light gray color. Misty does not like any of the other cats going in my room or near us. She also loves to cuddle lots and she is a vary clingy kitten. She does let me out her sight most of the time and loves to follow me everywhere.

A weighted blanket is to help you sleep and they are vary comfortable that’s why I want one. I once stayed at a friends house and they let me use their weighted blanket, it was so cozy! that one was 15 pounds, I think I would either want that weight or a 10 pound weighted blanket. A weighted blanket can go up to 20 pounds but I think that will be too much for me lol.

I like gift cards because then you get to choose what you want from stores. I specifically want gift cards for bath and body works, hot topic, Starbucks, and Sephora.

this concludes my blog for this week hope you enjoyed:)



For this weeks blog I will be doing it on a common vision condition called myopia. I recently went to go get my eyes checked for my yearly appointment and I found out that I have severe myopia, theres not a cure but there is treatment for it, I can either get myopia control lenses, eye drops, or myopia control contact lenses.

What is Myopia? well myopia is a common vision condition that presents and develops in childhood, treatments are targeted typically between ages 6-15 years old. The main cause of Myopia is when your eyeball is too long, or the cornea is too curved, when the light enters your eye won’t focus properly. Myopia is where you can see close things clearly but when it comes to seeing the board from the back of the class then then it is blurry.

I recently found out that I have severe myopia and that I need treatment for it or else it will worsen as I age. there are three different treatments I can get. there is myopia control lenses which is glasses, eye drops that I have to take every day, or there is myopia control contact lenses. Treatment for myopia is expensive though at least for us, like the contact lenses are $900 for a year, the eye drops are $107 for 3 months, and the control lenses (glasses) would be $700.

In conclusion, I do not like having glasses or severe myopia. they get in your way with wearing sunglasses and sports. But they can also be stylish they have many different kinds of frames.



my top 5 favourite songs

My top 5 favourite songs are Beamer boy, smells like teen spirit, halleys comet, my future, and Oxytocin. my favourite genres would probably be rock, alternative, indie, and alternative r&b. Those are the genres my favourite songs would be in.

The song beamer boy was released in 2016 and Gustav Elijah Åhr but famously known as Lil peep is the singer/songwriter for this song. Lil peep is died on a tour bus in Tucson, Arizona, in november 2017. Docters ruled his death as an accidental drug overdose.

smells like teen spirit is a song that was released in 1991in the album nevermind by the band Nirvana. The genre for this song is grunge and rock. the main singer Kurt Cobian committed suicide on april 8th 1994, after his death the rest of the band decided to spilt up.

Halleys comet, My future, and Oxytocin are songs apart of Billie Eilish’s latest album Happier Than Ever which was released in 2021. finneas o’connell is Eilish’s brother and he helped write Happier than ever with her. Billie Eilish has planning a world tour in 2022 with her brother. these three songs is a alternative/indie genre.

In conclusion my top 5 songs have the genres of rock, alternative, indie, and alternative r&b. Lil peep died in 2017, and Kurt Cobian died in 1994, but Billie eilish is just starting her career at 19 years old.




these are links to infomation about the songs.


Happier Then Ever a studio album by Billie eilish

Happier then ever is Billie Eilish’s latest album, it was released on July 30, 2021.  Eilish’s brother Finneas O’connell was the one who produced the album himself and helped Eilish write the songs. My favourite song in the album would probably be my future.

Eilish has 16 songs in her album, and out of that I think my future would be my favourite. I think the reason that i like this album so much is not because of the singer or just a couple of songs but the genre. The genres in this album are amazing. theres just so much diffrent types of music in just 16 songs. like in the song Happier Than Ever that is a song you can sing to, relax to , and listen really loud in your earbuds.

In the song Happier Than Ever, Lost Cause, Therefore I Am, and I Didn’t Change My Number, they all relate to her past abusive relationship. You can see how much pain she went through and how important these songs are to her. Only those who have been in an abusive relationship know how it is, and can feel the same freedom listening to these masterpieces. My Future, this song discribes Eilish’s  attempts to over come her insecurities and try to gain confidence with herself after her abusive relationship. In this song she is hopeful that what comes next in her life will be better than before.(“cause im in love/with my future/cant wait to meet her”) she also sees that she doesnt need to be in a relationship to be happy (“i know im suppose to be unhappy/ without someone/ but arent i someone?”)

my Halloween costume/plans

For this weeks blog I will be doing it on what I am going to be for Halloween and what my plans for Halloween are. i am going to be one of the killers from The Purge: Election Year, I will have black high heeled boots, knee high socks with two while lines at the top, black tee, white oversized men’s dress shirt with blood smears, the purge light up mask, and a prop fake bloody knife.

My plans for Halloween is to go trick or treating maybe with a friend in town, or just but a bunch of candy and eat it in my room lol. its still quite a bit of days till Halloween but I am going to its called Boo at the Zoo this weekend and I think it will be quite fun! I got my costume ready so I will be wearing that to the zoo.

This concludes my blog for this week, if you have any ideas for my next blog you can put then in the comments:)

here is a link to spirit Halloween to give you ideas if you don’t know what you want to be yet     https://www.spirithalloween.com/


About me

For this weeks blog I will be blogging about my hobbies, my favourite things, and fun facts about myself. Some of my hobbies are cross country skiing, reading, and practicing the clarinet. some of my favourite things are the color burgundy, sapphire blue and champagne color. Some fun facts about myself is I have 4 pets, 2 siblings, and my favourite fruit is mango!

my top three hobbies is cross country skiing, practicing the clarinet and reading. I love cross country skiing in the winter, I’ve started doing it 5 years ago and since then its been my favourite sport! I’ve recently started playing the clarinet in band about not even a month ago and so far like it so much and I’ve been practicing a lot so I would call it a hobby. Right now I reading a book called Fake its really good so far, but my favourite book of all is called The Glass Castle and I have probably read it around 5 times lol.

My favourite things are probably the color burgundy, my favourite animal is probably a hamster because I just find them so cute! and my favourite movie/tv genre is horror.  My top three animals is hamster, cats, and a fennec fox. My favourite colors are burgundy, sapphire blue, and champagne.

some fun facts about myself are

  • i have 2 siblings
  • i have 4 pets
  • favourite fruit is mango
  • favourite sport is cross country skiing
  • favourite subject is phys.ed
  • favourite food is poutine

here is a link to my other blog on the glass castle


that is the end of my blog, if you have any suggestions for my next one just put it in the comments:)


how to make salted caramel pretzel bark

For this weeks blog I will be telling you how to make salted caramel pretzel bark

Recipe to making salted caramel pretzel bark

Approximant time: 1hr

Servings: 10


  • 8 ounces of pretzels
  • 1 cup butter
  • 1 cup brown sugar
  • 2 cups chocolate chips
  • pinch of Sea salt


 Step 1 Preheat oven to 350of, line a baking pan with parchment paper.


Step 2: Spread pretzels on the parchment paper.


Step 3 stir butter and brown sugar in a saucepan on medium heat for 5-8 mins don’t stop stirring because the brown sugar will burn to the bottom of the saucepan pour melted butter and brown sugar in the baking pan.


Step 4 bake in the preheated oven for 5 min sprinkle chocolate chips and put into oven for 2 more mins and spread mixture all over the pretzels sprinkle the sea salt over everything and let cool in the fridge for 30


This is the end of my blog, if you have any suggestions for my next blog just put it in the comments:)


end of year

My name is Eternity Bushie and I go to Arborg early middle school. Some of my hobbies cross country skiing, watching Netflix and Diamond painting. Some of my favorite foods are poutine, and kiwi. My family members- I have 9 family members including pets. In my family I have my mom and my dad. My little brothers, Kingston and Kingsley, and my pets O’mally (cat), Laser (cat), Bridget (dog), Darby (dog), and Dorothy (dog).

Challenges I had faced this year. I have not really faced any challenges this year well not big ones but one of them is with my grades but over time I have been able to get over that challenge by going to a tutor and help from my dad.

Challenges I might face next year. I don’t really know what kind of challenges I might face next year, maybe with grades, but if that happens again I know what to do.

what I have learnt this year. I have learned lots of things like fractions, decimals. and percentages. I have learned about how light travels, the heart, the brain, and fluids.

This year was overall good and I have learned a lot, and made some friends along the way.



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