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how to make white chocolate puffcorn

Hello, for today’s blog I will be sharing a recipe with you. I will be sharing on how to make white chocolate puffcorn. first you will need to get all your ingredients together you will need, 9 ounces of puffcorn… Continue Reading →

my owl

for my owl I am doing origami. Origami is an art of paper folding, another name for it is visual art form. it was made in china by Master Yoshizawa Akira. The first paper Origami made was a paper crane… Continue Reading →


hello, for this weeks blog I will be doing it on one of my favourite bands Queen. They have been active for around 50 years, 1970-present. Today i will be talking about the members, their most popular album, and facts… Continue Reading →

about me!

Hello, For this weeks blog It will be about me! i will be talking about my hobbies, my family members, and facts about myself. My hobbies- some of my hobbies are cross country skiing, watching tv, and diamond painting. if… Continue Reading →

Millie Bobby Brown

I will be blogging about Millie Bobby Brown. Millie is an American actress, and has played rolls in over 10 movies/tv shows. At the age of twelve she played the roll of eleven in the tv series Stranger Things which… Continue Reading →

The Haunted Mansion w.w

It was the last day of school for the week, and Kelly had been planning all week to rent a haunted mansion with her friends. Kelly had six friends David, Mia, Emma, Chris, Kevin, and Leah, And one best friend… Continue Reading →

my hobbies

hello, I will be doing my weekly blog about all my hobbies. cross country skiing cross country skiing would be one of my hobbies because, i really like doing it and its a good way of getting my mind off… Continue Reading →

Christmas in 2020

comparing 2018 to 2020 Christmas for this weeks blog I will be comparing 2019 and 2020 Christmas. 2020 has been pretty bad with wearing the masks and not going to other peoples houses, and its gotten to the point where… Continue Reading →

Audrey’s Journal

January 1, 2020   Hello, my name is Audrey Jade. I am 14 years. I live in Pemberton Heights, British Colombia. I go to Bodwell high school, it takes me around 10 minutes to get to school. The classes I… Continue Reading →

cross country skiing

one of my favourite sports are cross country skiing. I now have been practicing for 4 years, this will be my fifth year. as you can see I have been doing this sport for a while now, but the thing… Continue Reading →

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