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end of year

My name is Eternity Bushie and I go to Arborg early middle school. Some of my hobbies cross country skiing, watching Netflix and Diamond painting. Some of my favorite foods are poutine, and kiwi. My family members- I have 9… Continue Reading →

The Glass Castle

The Glass castle is a true story about Jeannette Walls growing up from a three-year-old girl to a young woman. If you like to read about true stories and memoirs, so this would be a great book to read! This… Continue Reading →

Audrey’s journal

January 1, 2020   Hello, my name is Audrey Jade. I am 14 years and I live in Pemberton heights, British Colombia. I go to Bowell high school, and it takes me around 10 minutes to get to school. The… Continue Reading →

Freddy Mercury- Queen

    Freddy Mercury was a British singer, songwriter, and the lead vocalist in the rock band Queen. He was considered to be one of the greatest singers in the history of rock music. He was known for his lively… Continue Reading →

The murder of Addison Walters

  Hi, my name is Brian Walls, and I am a detective in New York. I solve cases of murder, kidnapping, and robbery.  For a couple of months, I am having a detective in training, Mary Starling. This will be… Continue Reading →

why androids are better then apple

i think androids are better then apple in many ways, and i am going to try and convince you to think the same way. androids are better then apple because they have a vary large selection to choose from. in… Continue Reading →

my owl

for my owl I am doing calligraphy. calligraphy is is a visual art related to writing. it was invented in china, in (206 BCE- 220 CE). the original font for calligraphy was gothic hand also called black hand. there are… Continue Reading →

Sadie Sink

Sadie Sink is an American actress. she was born on April, 16, 2002, so she is 18. Sink was born in Brenham, Texas.. she has three older brothers and one younger sister. So far she has been in six movies… Continue Reading →

how to make white chocolate puffcorn

Hello, for today’s blog I will be sharing a recipe with you. I will be sharing on how to make white chocolate puffcorn. first you will need to get all your ingredients together you will need, 9 ounces of puffcorn… Continue Reading →

my owl

for my owl I am doing origami. Origami is an art of paper folding, another name for it is visual art form. it was made in china by Master Yoshizawa Akira. The first paper Origami made was a paper crane… Continue Reading →

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