My pets

This week I will be blogging about all of my pets that I have now, not from the past because I can’t name all of them,  We had too many!! Anyway so I will start off with the dogs by the way we have four of them. there’s Georgia who is a chocolate lab and she’s brown, Bridget who is a miniature poodle and she’s red, Darby who is also a miniature poodle and he is black, and finally the last one Dorothy who is a mix of a bichon and a king Charles spaniel. Then there’s the cats we have three of them. There’s O’mally who is the biggest of them all who is a Maine coon and he is white with orange blobs all over his body. There’s laser who is the oldest of them all and he is a Himalaya blue point. The last one who is the only female in the pack her name is Lila and she’s a calico cat.

Himalayan Kitten Pictures - Traditional DollFace Himalayans | Himalayan kitten, Kitten pictures, Himalayan cat

This is a similar picture to Laser our Himalayan cat.

these are some links to how to raise your new pet!

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