Happier Then Ever a studio album by Billie eilish

Happier then ever is Billie Eilish’s latest album, it was released on July 30, 2021.  Eilish’s brother Finneas O’connell was the one who produced the album himself and helped Eilish write the songs. My favourite song in the album would probably be my future.

Eilish has 16 songs in her album, and out of that I think my future would be my favourite. I think the reason that i like this album so much is not because of the singer or just a couple of songs but the genre. The genres in this album are amazing. theres just so much diffrent types of music in just 16 songs. like in the song Happier Than Ever that is a song you can sing to, relax to , and listen really loud in your earbuds.

In the song Happier Than Ever, Lost Cause, Therefore I Am, and I Didn’t Change My Number, they all relate to her past abusive relationship. You can see how much pain she went through and how important these songs are to her. Only those who have been in an abusive relationship know how it is, and can feel the same freedom listening to these masterpieces. My Future, this song discribes Eilish’s  attempts to over come her insecurities and try to gain confidence with herself after her abusive relationship. In this song she is hopeful that what comes next in her life will be better than before.(“cause im in love/with my future/cant wait to meet her”) she also sees that she doesnt need to be in a relationship to be happy (“i know im suppose to be unhappy/ without someone/ but arent i someone?”)

my Halloween costume/plans

For this weeks blog I will be doing it on what I am going to be for Halloween and what my plans for Halloween are. i am going to be one of the killers from The Purge: Election Year, I will have black high heeled boots, knee high socks with two while lines at the top, black tee, white oversized men’s dress shirt with blood smears, the purge light up mask, and a prop fake bloody knife.

My plans for Halloween is to go trick or treating maybe with a friend in town, or just but a bunch of candy and eat it in my room lol. its still quite a bit of days till Halloween but I am going to its called Boo at the Zoo this weekend and I think it will be quite fun! I got my costume ready so I will be wearing that to the zoo.

This concludes my blog for this week, if you have any ideas for my next blog you can put then in the comments:)

here is a link to spirit Halloween to give you ideas if you don’t know what you want to be yet     https://www.spirithalloween.com/


About me

For this weeks blog I will be blogging about my hobbies, my favourite things, and fun facts about myself. Some of my hobbies are cross country skiing, reading, and practicing the clarinet. some of my favourite things are the color burgundy, sapphire blue and champagne color. Some fun facts about myself is I have 4 pets, 2 siblings, and my favourite fruit is mango!

my top three hobbies is cross country skiing, practicing the clarinet and reading. I love cross country skiing in the winter, I’ve started doing it 5 years ago and since then its been my favourite sport! I’ve recently started playing the clarinet in band about not even a month ago and so far like it so much and I’ve been practicing a lot so I would call it a hobby. Right now I reading a book called Fake its really good so far, but my favourite book of all is called The Glass Castle and I have probably read it around 5 times lol.

My favourite things are probably the color burgundy, my favourite animal is probably a hamster because I just find them so cute! and my favourite movie/tv genre is horror.  My top three animals is hamster, cats, and a fennec fox. My favourite colors are burgundy, sapphire blue, and champagne.

some fun facts about myself are

  • i have 2 siblings
  • i have 4 pets
  • favourite fruit is mango
  • favourite sport is cross country skiing
  • favourite subject is phys.ed
  • favourite food is poutine

here is a link to my other blog on the glass castle


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