For this weeks blog I will be doing it on a common vision condition called myopia. I recently went to go get my eyes checked for my yearly appointment and I found out that I have severe myopia, theres not a cure but there is treatment for it, I can either get myopia control lenses, eye drops, or myopia control contact lenses.

What is Myopia? well myopia is a common vision condition that presents and develops in childhood, treatments are targeted typically between ages 6-15 years old. The main cause of Myopia is when your eyeball is too long, or the cornea is too curved, when the light enters your eye won’t focus properly. Myopia is where you can see close things clearly but when it comes to seeing the board from the back of the class then then it is blurry.

I recently found out that I have severe myopia and that I need treatment for it or else it will worsen as I age. there are three different treatments I can get. there is myopia control lenses which is glasses, eye drops that I have to take every day, or there is myopia control contact lenses. Treatment for myopia is expensive though at least for us, like the contact lenses are $900 for a year, the eye drops are $107 for 3 months, and the control lenses (glasses) would be $700.

In conclusion, I do not like having glasses or severe myopia. they get in your way with wearing sunglasses and sports. But they can also be stylish they have many different kinds of frames.


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